Last day of class! You think that I be really happy and be jumping for joy.  That’s not me.  Whenever something ends, it does not matter what it is, I get really sad, even if it’s something I dislike very much.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s the fact that I get attached. I think that’s my problem.  Whenever I get attached to something I usually get comfortable (or adjusted to it) that it’s hard for me to leave it.  This applies to school, and possibly even my job because I have grown to like it.  But sadly enough I must move on, when I leave my job (which isn’t anytime soon by the way) I’ll have to emotionally pull myself away and move on with life.  Anyone else like this?

This beautiful Thursday started off with a chocolate yogurt mess

Lunch a little later was a Smart One’s Angel Hair Marinara meal.

Then it was time to head down to Newton to pick up my paycheck then go to school.  I had a feeling that we might get out early, so I didn’t exactly cash my check as soon as I got it. Big check though! Gotta hate/love Sundays!!  Today for the last day of class we finished up our finals and some people presented theirs.  Some topics were pretty interesting. I didn’t go, I have a huge fear of going up to the board and speaking. Thankfully, in the second summer semester I am taking an Effective Speaking course to help me out with this problem.  We actually got out at exactly 4:20 (which is the time we were supposed to end class), damn.  I enjoyed English Comp I. and I hope English Comp II will be as fun (or maybe more)

Snack today was a Clif Kid Chocolate Chip

Dinner tonight was meatloaf, broccoli, milk (and not pictured) a dollop of mashed potatoes (to which I refuse to eat but mom made me have some.

Dessert was a lovely banana covered in DCD‘s. New addiction!

Late snacks included a red delicious apple, animal crackers, and a 100 calorie Hostess

Before concluding tonight’s blog, I just wanted to say that I finally scheduled an appointment with a doctor.  I called yesterday because, well, frankly, I REALLY REALLY want to get better. And I think I am ready to recover from ED.  My appointment with a family physician (best to start off because I need to see how much damaged I’ve caused to my body) is next Thursday @ 5.  I am really scared because he/she will probably say things that I do not want to hear. I keep telling myself that I have to accept the fact that they will say stuff I don’t want them to, it’s for my own good, my health.  I told my mom that I made the appointment, and she says that she’ll go with me.  I kinda wanted to go on my own btw it might be good to have someone there.  I don’t know.  I am nervous, I have a whole week to be nervous.  But I am glad I finally had the courage to call, finally accepting (more like wanting) help now.

Anyway, that’s my say for the day.  Hope you had a good Thursday.

Goodnight everyone