Let me start off first by wishing all the mothers our there a belated Happy Mother’s Day! Hope your day was peaceful and not too chaotic.  It was a gorgeous day yesterday minus the temperature.  The clear blue sunny skies definitely fooled us.  It looked like it was maybe mid 70’s, but once you stepped outside, it was a whole other story.  Temperatures failed to hit 50!  To make matters worse the wind was terrible too.  And go figure that yesterday would be the coldest day too.  We went to the aunt’s house for a Mother’s Day BBQ.  Things were fine in the beginning, but once the beers were passed (and other alcoholic beverages as well), and dessert was put out, everything went out of control.  I could of sworn everyone there drank just a little bit too much.  There was loud music, obnoxious singing, and weird dancing.  Overall a fun time, maybe a little bit too much fun.  Luckily, this all occurred after my grandma had left (I’m not sure what her reaction would be to everyone’s behaviors later that day).  Obviously I didn’t drink (not 21 yet, almost though!) so I was the designated driver once it was time to go home.  Mom said she was fine, but seriously drinking more then two glasses of wine makes it never ok to drive home. Better safe then sorry! And that was pretty much my Mother’s Day.  As a gift to my mom I had bought her a bouquet of roses.  She loved them, and are now in a vase sitting on the kitchen table.  I’m thinking hopefully next year to buy her something a little bit more expensive.

Today started off late.  I originally woke up at nine, but I then fell back asleep, waking up again at 9:45.  It was a much needed extra 45 minute rest, that’s for sure.  I made some dark chocolate pb oats for breakfast morning.  Now that woke me up even more now! CHOCOLATE!!!

A little later I went on the stationary bike for an hour.  Lunch consisted of Progresso Vegetable Soup.

Before heading off to sign language class, I had to do an important errand.  I had to send in the check for my summer class that my dad gave me this weekend.  Thankfully, I was still in the system and was able to to pay for it right now and there.  It was around 4ish once I was done, so I hung out at the learning center until it was time to head off to sign class.  There, I had my Kashi Baked Apple Spice.

Sign language was fun tonight.  I am really learning a lot and I cannot wait to actually use this in actual life.  In fact, for school I have to take a sign language class, as part of my degree requirement.  Since I know a lot of the stuff already I’ll probably ace the class (crossing fingers) hopefully.

Dinner tonight was favorite chicken, and some roasted potatoes, with a glass of milk.

Dessert was a Deep Chocolate Vitatop smeared with some Dark Chocolate Dreams. Delish!

Late snacks: Dannon yogurt, Animal Crackers, and a 100 calorie Hostess

Hope you had a fantastic Monday.

Goodnight for now.